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We're looking for a talented & motivated graphic designer

Positions: 1
Location: Islamabad

We're ideally looking for someone to join us in a full-time capacity. However if we think you're a good fit then we're even open to a part-time arrangement.


As a Designer at Jellyfish, you will be expected to:

  • Design Identities (logos, brands, accompanying identity kit and materials)
  • Publish and Print (books, magazines, posters etc.)
  • Design collateral, web solutions, and on-screen interfaces

You are a perfect fit if:

  • YOU CAN THINK… about design problems and stuff outside of a screen or graphics
  • YOU ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE and APPRECIATE DESIGN… as it applies to the world and things/experiences in our lives (not just to websites or logos)
  • YOU ARE PASSIONATE… about mediums of creative expression like comics, books, art, videogames, movies, TV shows and can geek out about those things
  • YOU CAN COMMUNICATE… especially in English
  • YOU AREN’T IN LOVE WITH YOUR CUBICLE… You will be expected to talk to clients directly and figure out their requirements.
  • YOU ARE CONSCIENTOUS… and won’t need to be pushed to work


  • You should have a handle on typography, grid systems, color theory, and user experience. Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is a big plus. Possession of illustration skills (beyond basic sketching) will get you a brownie. Basic photography skills might get you an entire cake.

Tools that you should know how to use (in order of decreasing priority):

  1. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  2. Adobe Lightroom
  3. Any video-editing tools like Adobe After Effects
  4. Any 3D-modelling tools like Cinema 4D, ZBrush
  • Only '1' is absolutely required. We're willing to teach you tools and skills if we think you have what it takes.

Employer’s note: We don't see this as a job. We see it as spending our days with someone (who's as appreciative of the role of design in our daily lives as us) building cool stuff that is both wonderful and delightful, stuff that makes things easier, brightens someone's day, makes people happy in that one instant - y'know, that sort of thing. And loves cake.

Salary is negotiable. We'll take care of you if you're honest, straightforward, and good with your work.

Apply at:
If you find yourself mentally checking away the points made above, send in your CV and portfolio at divein@jellyfish.com.pk. Education level doesn’t matter- fresh graduates are highly encouraged to apply!